🕸🕷 Teixilea Duskryn🕷🕸

☽ Yathrin of Lloth ★ Nerotic Seeress ✩ Shadow Dancer ★ Vemonous Alchemist ☾

Quick Info 
Name: Teixilea DuskrynRace: Dark elf/Drow
Titles: Faerz’un’arr & YathrinGender: Female
Identities: ??Height: 4’7”
Nicknames: PrincessWeight: 120lbs
Age: ??Body Shape: Curvaceous, Hourglass
Patron Deity: Lloth, the Spider MotherEyes: Glowing lilac eyes
Sexuality: DemipansexualHair: Long wavy silver locks
Birthplace: MenzoberranzanSkin: Pale sickly white
Residence: The Crimson, Sepermeru, Bal’hara 

★ Medium-sized elven ears.
★ Accompanied by an oversized spider upon her shoulder.
★ A black veil with spider web decorations upon her face.
★ A silver necklace with a spider upon it.
★ Piercings over her face & body.
★ Extreme scarification of a spider upon her back.

A Drowess who entered a strange realm of purgatory following her murderous death rising up the ranks becoming Faerz’un’arr of Qu’ellar Duskryn and Yathin of Lolth. With an avid interest in esoteric and the occult, wandering apparition performing enigmatic melodies whisperer of invigorating words amongst those within her court. The beauty is recognised by her glowing eyes, fluffy silver locks and her dusky skin always wearing a veil to hide her identity. An overly large spider sits upon her shoulder at all times.

Current Happenings

Having fulfilled the task of her house successfully removing Fey-Branche from existence, Teixilea has moved on from her role as an Ilharess. Disliking the title entirely, the Drowess focuses on her task of being a Yathrin and raising her arachnid family in her temple. Having come a long way from being enslaved in this realm, the woman has a hedonistic life style with her wife where they reside in a golden palace in the deserts.

☽ Details ☾


A small and delicate Drow woman with dark skin which makes her easily noticeable even in the busiest of crowds. Often seen with a parasol to hide her curvaceous form from the sun, the Ilharess oft wears dark flowing robes, cloaked hood and veils to hide her identity. A feminine figure decorated in various adornments and jewellery covering her thick hourglass figure. Small for her height, Teixilea often hates her height due to the fact anyone taller can easily dominate her and trap her. Wavy silver locks which are often left natural or in a messy braid, are her pride and joy. Should one be allowed to touch or help brush her hair then they are lucky since the Seeress takes her grooming and cleanliness seriously. A proud young lady who loves making sure she looks her best. Shadowy and glittering makeup illuminates her glowing lilac coloured eyes and her spectral features along with silver piercings upon her face. She is always seen with a spider upon her shoulder.


The Yathrin has a solid work ethic dedicating her time accordingly making sure to keep up in any Drow politics. Skilled within various magic spells, she is passionate using necromancy and sneaking within the shadows Mixing necromancy and using venomous daggers, Teixilea is skilled in various magical spells particularly poison, acid bolts, manipulating darkness and shapeshifting into a spider form. She has theoretical knowledge of astrology: she is determined to expand her knowledge through various academic texts and first hand experience creating star charts. An extroverted impatient woman who is reckless and chaotic at times emotionally, Teixilea’s taste for wanderlust and her past finds her a cultured being who finds it difficult to stay put. Outspoken, pessimistic and gloomy at times; the Seeress carries herself amongst those who seek bloodlust and power assisting them to better herself. A negotiator and entertainer at first glance, the Seeress finds herself using her silver tongue to survive in the realm of Aloria. Whilst fiercely loyal to those close to her; Teixilea lacks interest in most individuals refusing to acknowledge them unless they are of some use. Her mind wanders easily when boredom strikes, often misbehaving and seeking delights for pleasure.


  • Extroverted / In Between / Introverted

  • Disorganized / In Between / Organized

  • Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded

  • Calm / In Between / Anxious

  • Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable

  • Cautious / In Between / Reckless

  • Patient / In Between / Impatient

  • Outspoken / In Between / Reserved

  • Leader / In Between / Follower

  • Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic

  • Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic

  • Traditional / In Between / Modern

  • Hard-working / In Between / Lazy

  • Cultured / In Between / Uncultured

  • Loyal / In Between / Disloyal

  • Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful

Additional Information

  • SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess

  • DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess

  • ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess


  • moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny

  • controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | liar

  • impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry

  • greedy | lazy | judgmental | forgetful | impulsive

  • spiteful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky


  • honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave

  • patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky

  • intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous

  • merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming

  • cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm | loyal


  • Spiders. It is very well known that Teixilea has her own broodmother named Fluffems who resides with her children in her temple.

  • Lloth. Having worshipped her goddess even before her death, her devotion to the Spider Mother is unquestionable.

  • Politics. The Drowess has recently picked up an interest in the politics of the world. She often finds herself going where all the action is.

  • Dancing. A more private activity of hers, Teixilea found herself forced to improve her dancing when she was forced to perform for her former master.

  • Weaving. One of her favourite things to do at home was to create clothes for her family members. Teirra enjoys making new robes for herself by hand.

  • Fashion. Teixilea adores wearing long silky dresses, high heels, latex outfits, lingerie, stockings and corsets. You'll always see her in some sort of stylish outfit in many different shades of black.

  • The Stars. Living within the Underdark all her life has it's effects. The Yathrin saw the night sky full of stars for the first time when she came to Aloria.

  • Harlequin Romance Novels. Her posh word for implying she reads sophisticated books... in fact she just likes to read smut.


  • Drow. Never trust a Drow unless you want a knife in your back.

  • Sunlight. She hates it and will only come out during the day if she really has to.

  • Hot Weather. She doesn't like the heat. No thanks.

  • Authority. Teixilea hates being told what to do. She will avoid those who think they can dictate her life.

  • Conflict. She hates dealing with conflict and the consequences of it. Teixilea would rather just avoid someone than have the botherance of confronting them about a problem.


  • Lloth. Fearing the Spider Mother herself after witnessing those loyal to her mother in her previous life turn into Driders. Punishment for failing her tasks.

  • Love. She gave her heart away to someone once and it got thrown back at her. Teirra fears that she'll never be accepted for who she is or love another.

☽ Abilities ☾

A Yathrin of Lloth and a fully trained necromancer who spent many years living in the Underdark. Controlling and manipulating spiders has always been a skill. Whilst she can battle in combat with blades, she much prefers using magical spells.


  • Necromancy. A dark and magical art favoured by many Drow in her homelands. She specialises in acid and vemonous bolt spells with darkfire and faerie fire. Summoning skeletons or creating undead creatures. When she's bored, you'll find her in the office casually chopping up body parts to feed her spiders. Or trying to find ways to be artistic so her spectral begins can become more powerful.

  • Spider Shape. An arcane alteration spell used by the Drow in the Underdark. Teixilea is able to transform into a spider at will and keep her arachnid form. This is how she communicates and controls her own eight-legged friends chittering with them. She is able to use the same abilities that the spider of the same form would have, such as leaping and even biting for the same damage. This includes being able to leap, jump and bite any victims.

  • Spider Summoning. Being able to speak and communicate with spiders, she is able to summon them to do her bidding should she wish.


  • Shadowdancer. Having lived in the dark, Teixilea weaves together the shadows to become a half-seen artist of deception. She uses her two blades along with her spells executing all in her path who defy her. Mixing her abilities to safely cast spells from hiding and then move quickly away, enjoying the ability to attack foes with the element of surprise. A mysterious dancer allowing herself to deceive who she comes across with her eerie whispers and enigmatic melodies.


  • Venomous Alchemist. Being surrounded by spiders and being able to transform into one of her dear eight-legged friends, Teixilea is immune to all effects of arachnid venom, digestive secretions, or internal fluids.

  • Necrotic Seeress. Teixilea turns to the guidance of the Dark Mother and her Weaver of Webs. She speaks to her goddess on a regular basis giving sacrifices and taking care of her spiders.

☽ Relationships ☾


Fluffems, the great giant tarantula spider and broodmother to all of Teixilea's arachnid family.


Capa Zzerima

Teixilea's wife. Setting eyes upon the Yuan-ti amidst the field of battle, Zzerima and Teixilea could barely stay away from each other. The pair grew smitten with each other becoming a power couple within the Alorian realm.


Limenia Shadowgale

Winged Guardian of Teixilea. A winged frost elf who has been in numerous battles with the Drowess and those close to her. One who would fight to the death for the Yathrin.

Dragon Queen Artaxia

Dragon Queen Artaxia of Mt. Dragoncrest. Her former lover and the one who sought Teixilea to free her shackles. Their feelings for one another are still strong yet they have different paths.

Haelolin the Blacksmith

Psion Warrior. Their minds are connected since Teixilea freed her from Xixifia's bars. One of the few Drow that can be trusted within the realm.

Phaervirii Olon

Sorceress. Fiercely loyal to Teixilea. Proud to have been there to help her grow into a wonderful Drow woman. Likes to milk spider venom.


Setite Priestess. One who has known Teixilea from when she was in shackles. A loyal friend.


Onbek's Lover. Missed dearly since she disappeared after the great voyage across the sea.


Sut'rinos Luna. Always a commander in Teixikea's eyes. Has not been seen since before the great voyage across the sea.

Xar'zith Xukuth

Jabress d'Rothen Xar'zith Xukuh. Fiercely loyal to Teixilea. Quinn is one of the few Drow that can be trusted in the realm.

Aya Shih

Jungle Witch. A fellow necromancer who delves within various dark arts and magical spells.

Lyss Arianne

The Royal Breeder. A favourite within Queen Artaxia's court and a friend who resides within the Golden Scale.



Drug Lord. Teixilea's former Ilharn. After Fey-Branche fell, the pair dissolved their house. Whilst not close like they used to be, Anarath is a treasurised ally.

Navali Queen Nixie

Navali Queen Nixie. A prominent figure within the Alorian realm. The mermaid rules the cove with her ships.